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Reinhard Bachmann, SOAS University of London

Jochen Becker, ETH Zürich

Alexandre B. Bitektine, HEC Montréal

Malte Brettel, RWTH Aachen University

Zhi Cao, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Karen S. Cook, Stanford University

Michael R. Darby, University of California at Los Angeles

Bart de Jong, Australian Catholic University

Andreas Engelen, Technical University Dortmund

Jacob G. Foster, University of California at Los Angeles

Jens Giere, Capgemini Consulting

Anthony Goerzen, Queen's University

Patrick Haack, University of Lausanne

Constance Helfat, Dartmouth College

Christian Homburg, University of Mannheim

Songcui Hu, University of Arizona

Laura Huang, University of Pennsylvania

Tomas Hult, Michigan State University

Jan Kemper, Zalando GmbH

Martin Klarmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Rajiv Kozhikode, Simon Fraser University

Rekha Krishnan, Simon Fraser University

David P. Kroon, VU University Amsterdam

Jeff Lucas, University of Maryland

Fabrice Lumineau, Purdue University

Alexander Mathieu, Nokia Networks

William McKinley, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Thomas Müller, GmbH

Amarita Natt, Ernst & Young

Tess Neal, Arizona State University

Henning Piezunka, INSEAD

Martin Reimann, University of Arizona

Gabriel Rossman, University of California at Los Angeles

Nadine Sammerl, Horváth & Partners

Paul G. Schierz, Novozymes A/S

Ellie Shockley, Bismarck State College

Jacquelyn S. Thomas, Southern Methodist University

Sebastian Ullrich, The Boston Consulting Group

Xuyi Wang, Tongji University

Bernd Weber, University of Bonn

Gunnar Wiedenfels, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG

Bernd W. Wirtz, German University of Administrative Science

Taeyoung Yoo, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Lynne G. Zucker, University of California at Los Angeles

Recent Research

Call for papers on experiments in OT: 

Schilke, Oliver, Sheen S. Levine, Olenka Kacperczyk, & Lynne G. Zucker. 2018. "Call for papers: special issue on experiments in organizational theory." Organization Science.

Structural obfuscation: 

Schilke, Oliver, & Gabriel Rossman. Forthcoming. "It’s only wrong if it’s transactional: moral perceptions of obfuscated exchange." American Sociological Review.

Identity and resistance: 

Schilke, Oliver. 2018. "A micro-institutional inquiry into resistance to environmental pressures." Academy of Management Journal.